What Are The Different Types Of Spas Available?


Earlier, a spa meant a bog whirlpool where people sit and relax to rejuvenate the senses with the bubbles of the swirling water. In popular hotels and resorts such amenities were provided. But with the passing of time, the concept changed and today a spa means more than just a hot whirlpool prepared with essential oils and products to energizing senses. At spa nordique de Montréal, the management offers wide array of massage services, cosmetic treatment, luxury facial, manicure, pedicure, and complete therapeutic healing. It is a complete wellness center and spas these days ensure great healing and alternative medical treatments by using body relaxing substances and the efficiency of the masseurs.

  Different types of spas available these days—

Medical Spa

The medical spas offer a wide array of services that are meant for alternative healing such as weight management, pain-management, cosmetic therapies, preventive healthcare, muscle pain relief, hair care therapies, hair removal treatments, and so on. People suffering from these issues often prefer to visit a spa instead of taking the high dosages of medicines they have been prescribed with. In most cases, they are relieved from the chronic pain and other physical discomforts with the help of the different therapies offered at the popular medical spas run under the surveillance of medical professionals and healthcare experts.


Yoga Spa Resorts

It is not only the massage and the therapeutic treatments they offer here. The yoga spas help people get relieved from their pain, psychological setbacks, stress, sexual problems, and so on with the help of the ancient Indian exercise process. Besides, these resorts also offer ayurvedic treatments of Panchakarma. They use essential oils and other organic products for the massage therapies along with other medical treatments at these resorts. They also offer food and good living at these resorts too.

Day Spa care

The day spas are the most popular for the great ambiance and the quick services they offer. People looking for a Swedish massage or Thai often stop by these spas. Some of them offer the deep tissue and hot stone massage too. Alongside, they also have the assortments for the relaxing thermal spas and saunas. Luxury pre-wedding packages including facials, manicure, pedicure and hair spas also include their services.


Besides all these types of spas, the cruise spa, mineral health and wellness spas, club spa, Eco spa, mobile spa, and destination spas are also on the list of the different types of wellness spas available.

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