How to Plan a Funeral Which is a Celebration of Life


Many people would prefer to celebrate a loved one’s life, rather than going through a heart wrenching funeral. After someone has passed away, you don’t have to go with a traditional funeral, you have options. You can plan a celebration of life, blending a conventional funeral with a time to celebrate. If you are planning a funeral in Mansfield, there is no right and wrong way to proceed, every family is different. Some like to mourn the traditional way, while others prefer to reminisce and celebrate the love their family member or friend has given.

Here are some great ideas to blend a celebration of life with a traditional funeral, this way everyone will be happy with the ceremony.

Unique Horse Drawn Hearse

If you’d like to go with something more unique than a hearse, why not consider using a horse drawn hearse? Horses are majestic, enchanting creatures that help to create a beautiful moment for everyone in attendance.

Encourage Humour

If the deceased liked to joke and have fun in life, why not have some of their friends come up on stage and tell a few funny stories about them?

Create a Memorable Slide Show or Video

Another good idea is to create a video or slideshow which includes the deceased having fun at different time of their life.

Additional Ideas

  • Ask people to share their experiences
  • Bring photos and other mementos
  • Make a memory book where everyone contributes with some words or an image
  • Make a playlist of their favourite music

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