Types of Football Bets You Must Be Familiar With


Football betting offers amazing opportunities to make lots of quick bucks. In any match, every moment is exciting and more excitement is added to it when the money is put on stake. You cheer for the side you have placed the bet on and drama multiplies when there are close matches. To know how you can make money from UFA matches, you must learn about the betting type’s common to a football match.

Best football betting types

The novice can go for the classic one called match win/loss. This is backed by a lot of research. There has to be informed about the teams pitted against each other. Their performance in the past and also in the current season lays the ground for betting on or against them. Other common bets apart from match win/loss are:

  • Total goals (under/over)

You dig deeper into the match win/loss and place the bet on the total goals likely to be scored in the match. You are given conditions under and over. If you choose under the x goals, and the same happens you win the bet. Likewise, when you bet over the x goals to be on the scoreboard, you win when the scoreboard totals the goals above the chosen number.

  • Half time/ full time

This bet takes both halves of the match into consideration. You may be given a situation that a particular number of goals will be scored by half-time. If you agree to it, you bet in the favor or against it as per your discretion. In full time also, you bet the winner and the goals. The bet is won when the winner is the same one in which you put the money on stake. How much to bet depends upon your confidence on the team and the match conditions.

  • Correct score

It is simply predicting the correct score of the match. It is one of the most profitable of the bets as the risk is quite higher. The bettor can predict the scoreboard to be reading 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 and likewise at the end of the match. The single win can give you a humongous profit.

  • Who will win the rest of the match

Bettor need not start betting from the start of the match only. The “who will win the rest of the match” allows the bettor to place the bet from any point of the match. Once you place this bet, the scoreboard on the betting screen becomes 0-0 irrespective of the status of the match.

  • Football parlay

This allows you making multiple selections in a single wager. Various sides playing in different matches are added in the parlay; minimum being 3. The bettors wager for under parlay by selecting low scoring teams and over parlay by selecting the high scoring teams. All the sides chosen have to win in order to make the bettor winner.

Football betting in the US and other parts of the world is unlimited fun. It is a great source of entertainment as well as for making money. The betting tips mentioned above can be mastered with practice and research.

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