Tips & Tricks for Training Stubborn Dogs


We all know that a well-behaved dog who has been trained is a lot easier to take care of. They listen to your every command and they know how to interact with people and other dogs in social settings. If you would like to train your dog by yourself, there are several tips and tricks that can help you achieve your goals. If your dog is stubborn, you must be patient and motivated for the challenge that lies ahead.

Expert Dog Training Facilities

Before we give out tips and tricks for training stubborn dogs, we must mention other options when you do not have the time to train your dog or you have come to the end and training is not going as you would like.

Experts in dog training in Sydney understand the difficulties pet owners face when they are trying to train stubborn pets. Some dogs just will not listen and training them is next to impossible. The difference with self-training and dog training experts is simple, dog trainers do it for a living and they have many years of experience training all kinds of breeds. They have a proven track record of results.

Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals

If you would like to try train a stubborn dog by yourself without using a professional trainer, here are some strategies you can try.

  • Reward Minor Successes – A stubborn pooch is never going to be easy to train, that is why it is important to reward minor achievements. You need to create a positive association with training and go slowly with them as you try to reach specific goals.
  • Distraction Free Area – You will have zero success if your dog is in an area where they can be easily distracted. During training times, take steps to ensure the environment is quiet and free from any disturbances.
  • Consistency – Most of the time, stubborn dogs are not stubborn but confused. Anyone who spends time with your dog should learn the same cues and commands. This way your dog will understand consistency and respond better to training.

If all of the tips above fail and you are struggling to get across to your hound, do not give up. A stubborn dog is not going to be easy to train, so you must be prepared to try new tricks and tactics. If you decide enough is enough, you can always send them to a professional trainer.

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