Determining The Difference Between Standard & Progressive Slot Games


In the last few years it has been seen that video slots have become much popular. They have advanced a lot when compared to generic payline slots. Therefore, with the advancing games, comes the opportunity of winning bigger and better. However, before trying your luck in the slot games, you must determine the primary differences between standard and progressive slot games. Well, both of them are of course video slots but if you fail to recognize the differences you may miss out the game that you’re actually looking for. Keeping this in mind you should make an informed choice on the types of video slots that you want to play.

Standard slot games

When it comes to video slots, standard version is the backbone of the game. It is a game where you get reward what you see. They have a specific jackpot; however, the amount is set all the time. For example, if the jackpot is set at thousand times your stake, it is the same amount that you get after winning. The maximum wagers can be very high without having ridiculous levels. The most important thing is, standard slots are unable to see when the jackpot is taken away by other players. This means, if the jackpot is 1680 times your stake and you have bet for 100 pounds, this will end up in a potential jackpot of 168,000 pounds. However, this depends on the currency rate or the cryptocurrency that you are playing with. Whether it’s standard or progressive, ethereum casino offers safe and secured payment as it is based on smart contracts. Be sure, whatever be the rate of the currency, the stake of the jackpot remains the same. On the contrary, if a particular jackpot is 2000 times your stake, and the maximum wager is up to 25,000 microbitcoins, the overall payment stands to 50,000.000 microbitcoins. Therefore, you have to be sure with what currency you are willing to play so that the returns are most profitable.

Progressive slot games

Progressive slot games are similar to standard slots. The course of the game is quite identical and winning the jackpot sometimes become child’s play. Make sure that you know the rules properly or your balance may end up in negative numbers. Here, the jackpot is the main difference between the two types. When it comes to progressive slot games the jackpot is not set on a maximum level. It starts with a minimum level and as you keep playing the jackpot also increases due to increased bet and players. The simple concept is, the longer you play the larger you win. It’s important to note that, in a progressive slot game’s jackpot it is linked to a network. This means, every player including you has equal chance to win, along with the same amount. Your players can be anywhere from the world. When it comes to slot games always choose a certified ethereum casino to stay away from ill consequences and bankruptcy.


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