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Blackjack is a game that can be played from 1 to 8 ordinary card decks. Card rankings 2 to 10 are scored with their nominal value. All facial cards each are worth 10 points. Aces is a semi-wild card worth 1 or 11 points. Ace with a card 10 points is considered the highest hand in blackjack. Paid opportunities are 3: 2 for the winning blackjack. If the players and dealers both have blackjack, bets are then considered encouragement. Besides Blackjack, the winning hand will be paid more. Therefore, the hands of 21 points are the highest and that is why this game is also known as 21. If the dealer or player has an insect of more than 21, it is called bust or break and the damaged party loses the game. If the player and dealer go, the player loses due to the superiority of the house. If the dealer and second player tie, the bet is then considered a push.

Every round Blackjack starts with players who bet in a circle or logo directly in front of them. The dealer then gives 2 cards for each player including himself. All player cards are usually handled with cards facing up. One dealer card will be handled facing up (known as the top card) while others are handled properly (known as hole cards). If the dealer card rises is ten or ace, it is possible that he might have blackjack; In this case all players lose except those who have another blackjack. At U.S, the dealer will immediately check the card for Blackjack, and if he does have it, he will collect all the lost bets and give them with other blackjack encouragement in their bets.

In an event, the dealer has a US card as an upper card, it is likely to let the players decide whether they want to insure their cards against Blackjack. It’s like an insurance policy where you can choose to bet that something bad might happen. This insurance policy will reduce opportunities if the dealer has blackjack to 2: 1. If the dealer has a US card as the upper card and the player has a blackjack, the dealer might ask the player to “even money”. Why? Because if the dealers and players both have blackjack, and players agree on even money, bets will make money even win, no matter the dealer has blackjack or not. After all players decide to accept or reject the dealer offer, the dealer will then continue to check the hole card.

After the dealer checked the card and showed that he did not have blackjack, the players then continued playing their hands. But if the dealer has blackjack, the game ends and a new round will begin after the dealer has collected all the losses.

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