Why would i choose a bolted tank?


The installation time for a bolted tank is actually quite fast when compared to other tank storage services, the reason for this is the fact that it is done in large sections and also the fact that the parts are manufactured and finished offsite. This is what makes the tanks so great and cost effective, you are literally saving money by using them. Although to be fair an exact time can’t really be disclosed because the installation time depends entirely on the size of the project and the quantity of tanks that will be installed on any given site. Although what can be said is that the installation time is consistently one third the time that it would take to install and complete a welded steel tank or a concrete tank of similar size and storage capacity. Another major bonus that bolted tanks have over welded tanks or concrete tanks is simply that the bolted steel tanks aren’t subject to any delays caused by the weather because of the fact that they need only be fastened once the pieces arrive.

You may be wondering how the bolted tanks are assembled. The process of assembling is not very difficult and it’s actually quite fast especially when compared to other methods of tank making. The process begins by preparing the site what that means is that the site is cleared of any vegetation and any debris from the ground is also removed, after that is done the ground needs to be leveled so the ground is then graded afterwards the ground needs to be made solid so in order to achieve that a base of sand and or grated rock is put forth to make the ground stronger and more stable, this is then followed by a concrete ring wall or a complete concrete slab to add a solid ground surface. Once the site has been fully prepped all of the individual tank pieces are brought it and because they are all ready to go they can simply be assembled. Starting from the bottom up the tank is carefully put together adding gaskets in between adjoining panel sections, this is done to create a strong seal. You have to make sure that the correct fasteners are used and once they are they are then torqued to specifications making sure that seal is leak proof. Fittings like manhole covers or valves are added in as necessary as the installation process goes on. Once all of that is complete the roof of the tank is then added and fastened into place.

But the question is how long will my shiny new tank last? Does it hold up against the weather as well as the other tanks? Well the answer is that it will probably last longer and holds up better than the field made welded kind of the corrosion prone concrete kind. This is because the bolted tank parts are manufactured and finished in a factory setting where they can be properly monitored in order to achieve strict structural specifications so really there is no downside to using bolted tanks for your new project.

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