Supplies You Will Need to Start Vaping


Any time you start a new hobby or habit, there will be a learning curve. It is no different when you switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. This information will help guide you on what you will need to get started with vaping.

How to Get Started

Whether you are switching to e-cigarettes as a way to quit smoking altogether or to enjoy your smoking habit in a healthier manner, there are some supplies you will need to get started. At the very least, you will need to buy an e-cigarette, e-juice, and a USB charger.

Anatomy of an E-Cigarette

The e-cigarette consists of a clearomiser with a tank to hold e-juice, a battery, and the mouthpiece. Other types of e-cigs may have a cartridge containing e-juice, which is not refillable. The clearomiser tanks are refillable.

When you are ready to take a puff, you will put the e-cigarette to your mouth and press the button, then inhale the vapour. Water vapour is produced when the battery “ignites” the e-juice within the e-cigarette. However, before you can start vaping, you will need to charge the battery.

E-Cig Batteries

The size of battery you buy will depend on the type of vaping device you own. For most devices, you can purchase a 650, 900 or 1,100 mAh rechargeable battery. The 900 mAh is probably one of the most common sizes in use in most e-cigarette devices.

E-Cig Chargers

In order to charge your vaping device, you can use a USB charger or a wall adapter. An e-cigarette starter kit will usually include a USB charger so you can take your vaping device with you and charge it wherever you go. However, you can also purchase a car charger in case you need to charge your smoking device when you’re driving.

E-Juice Bottles or Cartridges

Your vaping device will either use pre-filled cartridges or a clearomiser with a refillable tank. With either choice, you can choose the e-juice flavours you want and the amount of nicotine you want to “smoke.” Although cartridges are less messy because you don’t need to learn how to fill them with e-liquid, they are more expensive than most e-juice bottles.

Many people learn to refill their clearomiser tanks in order to save money when vaping. It is less expensive to purchase e-juice in bottles to refill clearomiser tanks. Some people purchase extra clearomisers and pre-fill them so they are ready to go when they need more e-juice in their vaping device. E-juice can be bought in flavour sample packs so you can try different flavours when you start using e-cigs.

After you’ve been vaping for a bit, you may wish to try a different device called a mod. The act of vaping is basically the same no matter what type of device you use, but a mod can provide serious vapers with a more intense experience. Whether you want to start vaping in order to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes or stop smoking altogether, these are the supplies you will need to buy to begin vaping.

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