Savvy Brazilian Executive Patrick Lucchese Talks Productivity, Education, & More


Productivity is key for entrepreneurs, but most struggle in some way or another to find the right tools and techniques that help them stay on task and on track. But the answer might not lie in a new app or organizational technique. At least, not for Patrick Lucchese.

Patrick tells online interview platform ideamensch that productivity, for him, looks like traveling and meeting with clients for one-on-one interaction. He says, “I believe that my system of working [in person] with clients and being with them in the operation, gives … a lot of productivity. A job that would take weeks to do with email .. and Zoom meetings, is easily solved in a face-to-face working day with everyone involved.”

He’s also a strong believer in education as a solution, emphasizing the importance of good schooling at every age. Beyond just providing people with a basic understanding of other people and the world around them, a good education is the most important ingredient in building a strong financial future. Patrick Lucchese tells The Principal Post that “education is the key to alleviating poverty throughout the world,” suggesting that schooling is one of the most imperative factors in upwards mobility.

When asked about what change he’d like to see most in the world, Patrick didn’t hesitate a moment before saying that if he had the chance, he would bring child labor and abuse to a grinding halt. Being a family man comes naturally to Lucchese, whose career has long focused on helping small businesses navigate complex financial and organizational challenges.

Because these smaller, family-owned companies are so tightly knit, Patrick often finds himself taking a dual approach where on one hand, he’s considering what’s in the best interests of the business and on the other, what’s in the best interests of the family. Ideally, companies can find a good balance between the two and his favorite quote, he says, is “In a negotiation, both sides in the end can be happy.”

As Patrick Lucchese continues to provide Brazilian entrepreneurs with the resources they need to make their businesses better than ever, he remembers what brought him into the field in the first place – family – and he thinks of his wife and sons, and the future he’s working to provide for them.

About Patrick Lucchese

Patrick Lucchese is an entrepreneur, business executive, and investment guru that currently owns one of the most well-known Brazilian IPO (Initial Public Offering) advisory firms. After having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and Systems Engineering from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C., Lucchese worked in many different leadership roles, including both Regional and National Director for various real estate and investment firms.

In 2016, Patrick founded Urban Advisors, a top IPO firm that helps companies structure fundraising endeavors, manage mergers and acquisitions, and prepare for initial public offerings. Combined, his robust work experience and related education make him an excellent asset for any serious entrepreneur. Patrick lives with his wife Marina in Brazil with their two young children.

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