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In the everyday world, we are constantly exposed to concrete and asphalt. So, much so that we barely even register it anymore. They are the staples of what modern society uses for paving. Though it is far from the only options that are available. In the past few years, we as a whole have begun to address how we affect the environment and the limitation of these methods. Newer methods such as Porous pavers, have begun a trend into popularity, when it comes to paving. But, you are probably wondering what porous pavers are. So, let me explain.

Basically, instead of utilizing a mixture to solidify on the ground, to stabilize it. You try to reinforce the current foundation. It does that by creating large black sheets that can house the individual amount of filler. This keeps the filter in place and even strengthen the over-all ground. Now, you may not expect the sheets themselves to be very strong, but they can house around 6800psi (pounds per square inch). This can be obtained before the chosen material has been selected, which can increase the strength tremendously. But, now what makes it porous?  It the bottom of each one of these little cups, has a drainage hole at the bottom, allowing liquids to be drained and not take the soil with it.

Besides this introduction of the system, we can now look at the benefits of this method over others.

Installation:  As mention above it can take less than half to install the system compared to asphalt or concrete.

Maintaining: Since porous pavements are not a solid surface or exposed as harshly to the elements, makes it much easier to care for. No need to clean the grime off or maintain it in anyway. It doesn’t crack or break and nature have been designed to fit into the pavement, preventing any type of natural damage to occur.

Cost effectiveness: Porous pavements are estimated to at least cut a third of the overall price of buying and installing the system. At times, it can even be half the total cost. They accomplish this not only in the materials themselves, which are cheaper than traditional methods. Labor has been reduced as well, no longer do you have to have large equipment with a group of people working all day. You don’t need such equipment or mass of workers; the installation process can be comparable in time to the money you save.

Additional benefits: Not only is it strong and durable. A major benefit people have noticed about this system, is that it does not retain heat on long summer days, leaving the area cooler. If you are more eco-minded, you will be happy to hear that most of the plastic used in the construction is recycled.

After understanding what porous pavers offer, you may want to know more of the specifics. Which you can find by going to Truegrid’s website and seeing if this method is right for your project. Because, in the end, what do you have to lose?


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