Maritime Engineering consultants


Sometimes engineering job can utilize outside perspective. When facing a problem for prolong periods of time, all issue begins to meld and become less apparent. When facing obstacles regarding maritime structures, Stewart Technology Associates (STA) have engineer consultants can assist in multiple ways to better design and understand, the many challenges that sea built structures can face. Not only does STA provide consultant work, they are able conducted practical workshops with a wide assortment of disciplines for your team to learn. And with a wide range of software at their disposal, you can be sure that the job will be done accurately.

Availability of consultants

When it comes to challenges operating at sea, it becomes difficult to get aid from a consultant. With location all over the globe, it tricky to have a consultant be present at any given location. STA recognizes these challenges and offers the means to work with in a verity of situations. For example, any off shore structure, like oil and gas production can be consulted remotely by STA. They do this by collecting data from the location and conducting research and testing from offsite locations, equipped with a technical manual library consisting of over 2,000 published volumes of up to date publications. State of the art software that can provide accurate models of your structure and provide result of different outcomes depending on the situation.

What their Consultants can do for you.

STA focus on a plethora of engineering areas, not just focusing on Structural engineering. Their consultants also specialize in Naval architecture, offshore engineering and hydraulic mechanics, just to name a few. Keeping up to date with current systems used to help with maritime architecture, STA even develops their own technologies to further push the limitations of today’s software. Some even developed with the help of the US Navy.



Depending on the job, whether it be offshore or coastal, STA can help. Being dedicated to give the best quality of service, while being more cost efficient. They provide all leading edge technologies, all to ensure the job is done with the least amount of cost and serve you beyond the scope of coeditors.

Practical workshops

Offering practical workshops, STA helps you keep your employees sharp and informed, for the moments when you don’t need a consultant. Classes are offered in many different disciplines, ranging from beginner to expert. Taught by engineers and managers with years of experience and knowledge. All classes with teach current day procedures. These classes can even be taught at an offsite location to accommodate the client as well as their specifications of the class. If trained at a SAT location, education of their systems can be combined with full simulators for better trained individuals.

What STA does for you

 Whether onsite or off, SAT caters to the need of the client, when in regard to providing consultant services. With their well-earned reputation, you can be sure the team at Stewart Technology Associates will provide the service you need.

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