How Do I Go About Organising a Marriage Proposal on a Boat?

  • If you want to propose to that someone special in your life, a classy marriage proposal on board a boat is certainly a memorable event, and having to get this kind of proposal organised can be considerably fun.
  • The very first thing you will require when organising such a lavish event is, the boat.
  • Next will be figuring out just how many guests you will have, and then choosing if the boat will be moving or at anchor.
  • The final touch of the perfect marriage proposal would be a “Going to be married” sign fixed after the proposal to the aft of the boat.

All Aboard!

  • Getting hold of a cool looking boat for a surprise proposal can be undertaken by The Proposers who are specialists in organising a whole range of alternative settings and events to pop that big question. For those out there looking for something different to make that proposal seriously memorable, check them out.
  • If you or somebody you know owns a boat, it can make things a bit easier as it might be difficult to access one should you not have one.
  • In many coastal areas, boats are available for hire, although this can be expensive and if you’re thinking of a particular location which isn’t next to the sea, you may be limited in choice of boat.
  • If you’re looking to organise a marriage proposal on a boat, you will have to remember that the size of the boat’s safety regulations may limit the number of people who will be legally allowed on it together at one time.
  • (And not forgetting anyone who will be helping you with the proposal, such as photographers and waiting staff!).

Anchors Away

  • You will have to select if you want the boat proposal to be mobile or at anchor or even like a James Bond type scene in a powerboat.
  • Boats that remain stationary and anchored would be better for people who suffer from seasickness.
  • Whereas, a mobile boat or speedboat, otherwise, will offer you, your partner and any guests with constantly changing scenery.
  • Cool looking invitations can be used, perhaps with a nautical theme and deep sea blue colouring, which would help in boosting its overall special maritime theme.

Keeping it Simple, Yet Elegant

  • Decorations for a boat proposal should be slightly simple, and yet tasteful.
  • A table centrepiece made up from silk flowers should do the trick and flower garlands will look great lining the pier and ramp heading out to the boat.
  • No proposal at all would be complete without the “To Be Married” sign fixed to the stern of the craft and this sign should be printed onto a large piece of cardboard and then laminated for better protection from water before being safely tied to back of the boat.

And anchors away! Who on Earth wouldn’t wish for a cooler and more elegant proposal than one on a boat, one which will remain in your memories forever?!

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