Freebet from the bookmaker: what it is and how to get it


Most novice players do not quite understand the meaning of the term “freebet” and its application. Questions also arise as to how to use it correctly, how to search for it and what are the principles for getting the winnings. You can find the answers to all these questions on the pages of the Scores24 information resource.

Often, every bookmaker’s office provides a freebet. This is a fairly convenient method to attract new customers. And beginners get an opportunity to learn how to bet without the fear of losing their own money.

Freebet: what it is and how to get it

Free bet represents a certain virtual amount provided to the player at registration by the bookmaker on a free-of-charge basis to make the first bet. If you win, you do not receive the full amount, but only the difference between the won amount and the freebet. Thus, the office gives back the amount of the free bet. If the bet is not played, the client loses absolutely nothing.

Today, this is one of the most relevant methods of attracting new users in the context of fierce competition between bookmakers. The main advantage of this type of bonus is that there is no threat of losing your own money. If the placed bet does not win, newcomers do not incur any financial losses, since they did not replenish their gaming account, the virtual bet was given to them by the office. There are several types of free bonuses:

  • Registration bonus- is provided to first-time registered customers, who have never created an account at the bookmaker before..
  • Deposit – it is necessary not only to register a profile, but also to deposit a certain amount. The amount varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.
  • For the first bet – a mandatory condition is to make the first bet on your own account, and only then the bonus equal to the deposited first amount will come.
  • Free bet during a temporary promotion period – to get it, you must meet certain conditions of the promotion from the bookmaker
  • During the period of the loyalty program – a free bonus is provided for completing the terms of the program.
  • For the installation of a mobile application – it is obligatory to download the application and register using your phone.

It is possible to get freebet, but each bookmaker’s office has its own ways and conditions of receiving it. Its size is also determined by the office at its discretion. Virtual money is credited not to the main player’s account, but to the bonus account, and it is impossible to withdraw them – only when the bet is passed. You can get the difference between the amount of the free bet and the winnings.

Pros and cons of free bets

Freebet is a great method for newbies to understand the world of betting. It provides an opportunity to learn the essence of the game and the principles of work, without investing personal money. In addition, they allow you to earn, but the amount won depends directly on the conditions offered by the office, the ability to analyze and make successful bets. The pros include:

  • Ease of obtaining. Sometimes it is enough to register or place the first bet.
  • The possibility to safely understand the website and the gambling principles.
  • Withdrawal of funds is possible on the day of winning.

But like everywhere else, the freebet has its disadvantages:

  • Bonuses are credited with low odds. Bookmaker’s office artificially limits them.
  • Often bookmakers offer quite risky betting options, where winning becomes almost impossible
  • It is not possible to get the full amount of the winnings. The bookmaker automatically deducts the freebet from it, so only the net profit can be withdrawn.

For each type of bonus, bookmakers set the conditions and rules for obtaining it at their discretion. And all new users decide for themselves whether to use the offer or not. But in principle, the players do not lose anything from this, on the contrary, they have the opportunity to learn the basics of betting without their own investment.

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