Few Things to Know About Cognitive Enhancement


If any pill or drug can make you smart instantly then probably everyone will prefer to try it at least once. After all, who does not want to enhance the memory power, intellectual capacity, learning power and concentration? However, the reality is that no pill can give you results overnight, but there are products available, which can change your brain chemicals so that you can remember better, understand, communicate reason and learn better.

These products are extensively being used by people, who want to do better in school, in workplace and also by elderly people. In order to get more idea about cognitive enhancement and their working you may visit the website

Cognitive enhancement

During early 1960, scientists learnt that there is a possibility of cognitive enhancement with the help of supplements. The first product that they came out was called Piracetam. They found after various studies that it can enhance memory, and also help to improve many other mental functions. Also they found that Piracetam was very non-toxic and safe for anybody. There was no side effect observed. After that many other Racetams were developed, which led to the development of nootropics.

For last 50 years, many more researches were conducted and more products came into market for cognitive enhancement. One needs to understand how these products work and whether they have any side effects or not before trying them out.

Types of cognitive enhancers

As we all know that cognitive enhancers can help us to improve our memory, increase our learning capacity, memory recall speed, improve focus and concentration, and enhance mental energy and much more. Depending upon your own need, you may find some of the product is very effective while others are no so effective. Since each of us is having different brain chemistry so we need to do little experiment to find right product for us. However, while exploring these products you need to do something, which is very common to all of us.

Once you have sufficient experience after initial tryouts with a product like Piracetam, you can try other members of the racetam family. The effects of few members of racetam family are as follows:

  • Aniracetam – It can enhance your mood very strongly and also it has very strong anti-anxiety properties.
  • Oxiracetam – If you want to improve upon your logical thinking power then this is the best product.
  • Pramitacetam – In order to improve your focus and concentration, you will not find any other product as potent as Pramitacetam.

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