Did He Propose, and She Said ‘Yes!’ How Will Mixbook Help Inform Everyone?


Did he propose? Congratulations on saying yes! As you begin the incredible journey, an engagement announcement is key in documenting your marriage story. Let Mixbook make your engagement announcements in a sophisticated manner to enable all your friends, workmates, and family members to share with you the joyous moments of spending the rest of your life with someone you love.

Outlined below are ways to announce your


If you live a long distance from your loved ones, it will be exciting if you surprise them with the news of your engagement in person, allowing you to see the reaction of your loved ones in person and help you spend some time with them before moving out to your phone.


Writing messages to your loved ones via Whatsapp, Hangouts, or calling via Zoom is the exciting way to announce your engagement to your loved ones without leaving anyone close to you out. Zoom calling will allow you to show your family members the type of ring your spouse proposed.

Snail mail

Handwritten notes and send save-the-date cards to help you to notify your loved ones and those you want to include in your engagement party and wedding to know when you are ready to tie that forever knot. 


Announcing your engagement via email is essential to informing those friends and work colleagues who frequently check their emails. Just by drafting a capturing message and picture of your engagement ring and sending it to your friends will surprise them anytime they open the mail and have a share of your happy moment before they can come to engagement parties.

Social media

Suppose you are a busy person and rarely visit your social media pages. In that case, Mixbook will help you share and announce your engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Instagram to inform your casual acquaintances by thoroughly checking those who best deserve to be informed.


Most people read the newspaper both online and physically. Inform your loved ones through online newspapers and physical newspapers to cover elderly members of your family and those in remote regions. It is important to share with every member of your family, mainly your elderly family, to bless your union. In this error where church service is conducted online, it’s also vital to inform your church members through the newspaper the news of you saying yes, I do!

Photo cards

Announce engagements by sending photo cards to your loved ones. Some uniques ways of sharing the information are, using photos of your nieces and nephews wearing a printed t-shirt, pets with a tag message, cups in the office with the news, or travel balloons with engagement messages. These photo cards share exciting information with everyone in your contacts and those you wish to invite to your engagement party and wedding ceremony.

Consult an engagement announcer specialist

Announcing the most significant moment in your life can be tedious and confusing. Whether you are the bride or groom, you need help to inform your loved ones without leaving anyone out. Mixbook professionals will help you announce your engagement in a more attractive, unique, and creative way.

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