A Guide to Novice Motorcycle Riding


If you are ready to try your hand at bike riding, there are obvious levels and prior to climbing astride a superbike, one needs to have an introduction into the adventurous world of motorcycle riding. The ideal size for a starter bike is 125cc and with several eye-catching styles, there’s something for everyone.

Choosing a Bike

One look at the Yamaha YZ125X should be enough to make up your mind, as this off-road thoroughbred is designed with the Enduro class in mind. Off-road riding requires a different set of skills to road riding and the best way to acquire them is to enrol in a basic off-road bike riding course. This will teach you how to control the bike on a wide range of surfaces, while also showing you correct braking techniques and handling tips that will give you a solid foundation on which to build.

Protective Gear

Riding any motorcycle demands that you wear the right gear, which consists of:

  • Crash Helmet – A full-face helmet is not advised for off-road riding, as it limits your peripheral vision. An open-face helmet with a jaw guard and a pair of goggles is advised, but for road use, the full-face variety offers the best protection.
  • Leather Jacket – While there are good synthetic products, you can’t beat leather for overall protection. Lots of pockets enable you to be well-prepared and you might want to include a lightweight wet suit for the unexpected showers.
  • Motorcycle Gloves – You need a quality pair of gloves that allow for fine finger dexterity; the online supplier of all things motorcycle has you covered for all the safety items you need.
  • Thick Trousers – Heavy denim or leather are advised, which offers the best skin protection, should you have a tumble.
  • Boots with Ankle Support – A pair of hiking boots would do, if you don’t want to invest in good motorcycle boots (can’t think why you wouldn’t). Good grip is essential when operating the gearshift and rear brake, so wear appropriate footwear.

While on the subject of motorcycling, let’s not forget the legal aspect and comprehensive insurance, which you should arrange. After a year or two of riding, you can apply for the next category licence that permits you to ride big bikes, which come in sports, enduro and touring styles.

Search online for your nearest Yamaha dealer, where you can view the best starter bikes, both new and second hand.

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